French seismologic and geodetic network

What is RESIF?

RESIF is a national equipment for the observation and understanding of the solid Earth. It is an ambitious instrument aimed at acquiring new top-quality data for disciplines like seismology, geodesy and gravimetry to advance the understanding of the dynamics of our planet.
Distributed over the whole of France, RESIF makes it possible to measure ground deformation on timescales from a fraction of a second to a decade. RESIF is a state-of-the-art research tool which helps to better characterise natural hazard and manage natural resources.
RESIF contributes to the European and Worldwide systems of instruments which can be used to image Earth’s interior in its totality and to study numerous natural phenomena.


Symposium "50 Years of Plate Tectonics: Then, Now, and Beyond" (Paris)

4 April 2018

The symposium "50 Years of Plate Tectonics: Then, Now, and Beyond" will be held in Paris on June 25-26, 2018. Its final program and (free) registration are now available at This (...)

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Offre d’emploi : ingénieur·e expert développement et déploiement d’applications RESIF/OSUG

30 January 2018

Affectation structurelle Observatoire des Sciences de l’Univers de Grenoble (OSUG), CNRS UMS 832, 38400 Grenoble Centre de données sismologiques du Réseau Sismologique et Géodésique Français ([RESIF). Le centre de données est intégré à la (...)

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Vignette une

19th Wegener general assembly (ISTerre, Grenoble)

29 January 2018

Conference on earth deformation & the study of earthquakes using geodesy and geodynamics Each session will include a Keynote lecture by an internationally recognized expert, followed by a series of shorter oral presentations. Poster (...)

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Key figures

- Operational stations: 795

- Personnel involved: 138

- Data produced:
30-40 terabytes/year

- Instutional partners: 18

- End of construction: 2019


The new newsletter (in french) is online !


Newsletter 13
Janvier 2018

Table of contents:
- RESIF-GMOB and the national gravity infrastructure
- National ShakeMap: a RESIF product
- Automatic calculation of focal mechanisms by waveform inversion of RESIF stations
- Seismic Alea Workshop
- 3rd RESIF Scientific and Technical Meeting, 10-12 October 2017
- Portrait of Anthony MÉMIN, member of RESIF office in charge of internal communication and lecturer at Nice Sophia Antipolis University