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French seismological and geodetic network Résif

The French seismological and geodetic network Résif-Epos is a research infrastructure that deploys in metropolitan France modern instrumentation (seismometers, GNSS stations and gravimeters) that measures the deformations of the Earth’s surface. The data collected allow us to understand the dynamics of the internal Earth, its natural and anthropogenic hazards, and its interactions with the atmosphere and the ocean. To know more about it

Résif-Epos is part of the European EPOS infrastructure and actively participates in its development and evolution. This is why, in the fall of 2023, Résif-Epos will disappear to make way for Epos-France, a new research infrastructure with broader thematic contours and in line with those of its larger European sister.

More information (prefiguration of the new research infrastructure Epos-France)

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Epos : European plate observing system

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Carte des réseaux instrumentaux Résif

Key numbers

Résif Consortium
  • 18 institutions
  • 193 participants
  • 956 permanent stations
  • 300 mobile stations deployed on 5517 sites
Distributed data
  • Seismology : 70 To
  • Geodesy (GNSS and gravimetry) : 57 To

(Year 2021)


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ObservaTerre changes address!

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