French seismological and geodetic network Résif

The French seismological and geodetic network Résif-Epos is a research infrastructure that deploys modern instrumentation (seismometers, GNSS stations and gravimeters) in metropolitan France to measure the deformation of the Earth’s surface. The data collected allow us to understand the dynamics of the internal Earth, its natural and anthropogenic hazards, and its interactions with the atmosphere and the ocean.

Résif-Epos thus contributes to prevention and operations: evaluation of seismic hazard and risk, rapid assessment of damage and crisis management, construction standards, link between damage to buildings and seismicity, etc.

The data collected are made available free of charge, following an open science policy.

Résif-Epos is coordinated by the National Institute of Sciences of the Universe of the CNRS and involves the majority of French universities and organizations concerned with research in Geosciences. It is part of the European Epos infrastructure and actively participates in its realization and evolution.

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Carte des réseaux instrumentaux Résif

Key numbers

Résif Consortium
  • 18 institutions
  • 191 participants
  • 865 permanent stations
  • 308 mobile stations deployed on 5517 sites
Data queries
  • 11,35 million per year

(February 2021)


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