Résif’s specific and transversal actions 

Specific actions

Résif has many measuring instruments which are installed permanently throughout the national territory. The location of the instruments is defined by the scientific objectives of the project with higher levels of densification in areas of high seismicity.

Résif’s mobile instrumentation enables researchers to collect seismological, geodetic and gravimetric data for targeted objectives in the absence of permanent observatories, or as a complement to these observatories to increase the density of spatial sampling. The instruments are described as “mobile” because they are used for experiments of limited duration (from a few days to a few years). These instruments are made available to researchers from the Earth Sciences community.

All these instruments are implemented in the framework of specific actions.

Specific actions bring together Résif instruments, scientists and partners around targeted research themes. There are seven such actions. Each has its own governance system and funding policy and they all work closely with the Résif management. The data produced are freely disseminated and then archived for long-term use.


Specific actions in seismology

Specific actions in GNSS

Specific actions in gravimetry

Transversal actions

Transversal actions are a feature of the Résif infrastructure and cover several specific initiatives or issues which are common to all themes. There are three of them:

The transversal seismicity action is based on scientific knowledge dissemination and it gathers all information on the seismicity of France on the BCSF and Rénass websites. A single platform will be accessible to the general public as well as to scientists in the future.

The transversal information system action : the information system is part of a national, European and international framework for the free and rapid distribution of geophysical data and metadata.

The transversal communication and scientific valorisation action firstly concerns the dissemination of scientific results and also communication to a wider public (public authorities, teachers, general public).