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Mobile seismic park – SisMob

SisMob is the national range of land mobile seismological instruments. It is one of Résif’s specific actions.

A range of instruments which acts as a complement to permanent networks

The objectives of SisMob are to enable researchers to collect seismological data on targeted targets in the absence of permanent observatories or by providing complementary equipment for these observatories to significantly densify spatial sampling. The duration of the experiments is limited and varies from a few weeks to 2 years with an average duration of a few months. This service has existed since the end of the 1990s.

SisMob’s fields of application cover all the objectives of observational seismology, from the study of the internal structure of the Earth to the study of seismic, volcanic or ground motion hazards. As an example, SisMob provided the stations for the French component of the European community project AlpArray. SisMob is also involved in post-earthquake initiatives such as its work on the Teil earthquake of November 11th 2019 for which SisMob provided 30 seismological stations that allowed enhanced and more in-depth understanding of the spatial distribution and characteristics of aftershocks.

Key numbers

In 2021, the Seismob fleet consisted of 245 mobile stations that were deployed on 3219 sites for a volume of data collected of nearly 1 TB. In total, 24.7 TB of data are available to the scientific community in the database.

Sismob web site




Domain : Seismology

Instrumentation : Mobile

Steering : Observatoire des sciences de l’Univers de Grenoble (Osug)
Supervisor : Florent Brenguier,
Technical contact : Coralie Aubert (instrumentation et dév.) et Sandrine Roussel (plateforme Sismob)
Web contact : Sandrine Roussel

Deployment of a medium band seismic station Sismob on the volcano of Piton de la Fournaise in Reunion Island © Guillaume Levieux, IPGP. To read more about it