Transversal Action of Communication and Scientific Promotion

Scientific promotion and communication are grouped together in a transversal action of Résif. They are closely linked and firstly concern the dissemination of all scientific results and also the communication of these results to a wider public, with particular attention to applications in the field of natural hazards and natural resources. These functions are intended for scientists and the general public and also serve as a contact and information link with all actors in society, in particular public authorities and education.

Since September 2018, this component has been led by a communication manager whose actions support but do not replace the communication work carried out by the members of the Consortium-Résif . As Résif is a research infrastructure, “operational” missions – such as alert systems, for example – remain the responsibility of the actors working on such missions.

The transversal action of communication and scientific promotion is in charge of defining Résif’s global strategy in terms of communication and image, as well as implementing actions towards different internal and external audiences. It also participates in the promotion of Résif’s data and products.

These missions are part of a four-year communication and promotion plan approved by the Résif board of directors in June 2018.

The first actions undertaken as part of the communication plan were the modernisation of the logo and the creation of a general graphic charter for print and web materials. At the same time, a presentation video in French and English was produced and the brochure was updated. For valorization, an open archive was created to host photos, posters, videos and other documents illustrating the life of the infrastructure. A database of Résif products acts as a complement to the various data portals is also being set up.

This website is the first result of the website redesign project which concerns all the websites of the domain.


Véronique Bertrand, Eost




Plaquette de présentation Résif

Presentation brochure Résif