The Résif scientific and technical meetings gathered together 114 scientists, engineers and technicians from French laboratories, over three days in Yenne (Savoie). These meetings were the first occasion to present a review of the scientific and technical activities performed by Résif in the fields of seismology, geodesy and gravimetry, to promote interactions within the community and to initiate new actions around the Résif project.

Recent scientific results, many of which were obtained thanks to Résif instruments, were presented in around twenty oral presentations and a poster session. Workshops and technical meetings in the fields of seismology, gravimetry and databases led to numerous exchanges between participants. The final session, which closed the meeting, was used to review what the community expect from Résif.

For future Résif meetings, the communities working on the operational aspects of seismic hazard will be better integrated. This will require more active participation from all partners. The various proposals presented by the community will be presented to the executive committee by Résif’s scientific council. Community participation and intense scientific and technical exchanges ensured the success of this first meeting.


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