ISTerre and the training department of the CNRS’ Alps delegation are organising a national training action (NTA) called “Measurements in seismology” from the 3rd to the 7th November 2014 in Villard-de-Lans (38).
The objective of this action is to improve the operational seismology skills in engineers, assistants and technical personnel, researchers and PhD students. During their careers, these researchers will be called upon to install seismology stations, to check the quality of data acquired, or to use data gathered by the large centres distributing seismology data. Focusing on the mobile and fixed instruments available through Résif, the training course will also be a chance to share experiences relating to the procedures to be implemented when seeking to improve the quality of the data acquired to better meet the scientific objectives. After this training course, personnel will have better knowledge on how to use the instrument platforms and databases available through Résif.
The instructors are members of ISTerre, IPGS, IPGP and Géoazur, and the course is funded by the CNRS with participation from Résif.

How to register :

  • Registration through the training office at the CNRS’ Alps delegation
  • Deadline for registration : 3rd October 2014

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