In preamble to delivery of the Absolute Quantum Gravimeter AQG developed by Muquans and funded as part of the EquipEx Résif-Core that is scheduled in the next months, two tests measurements have been performed. In June 2015, a first campaign takes place in the Larzac observatory (OSU Oreme, SN0-ORE H+). These first measurements outside of Muquans facilities have allowed to compare Muquans absolute gravimeter with GWR superconducting iGrav and Micro-g Lacoste FG5 absolute gravimeter (Résif-GMOB).

At the time of the Résif committee meeting of the project, Muquans AQG gravimeter has been moved to the LNE-SYRTE laboratory in Trappes in order to compare the instrument with the Absolute Quantum Gravimeter CAG, one of the first absolute quantum gravimeter in the world. That was the first comparison between two absolute quantum gravimeters. Read more about this comparison.

During the last Résif meeting (2èmes Rencontres Scientifiques et Techniques Résif, La Grande Motte, France) in october 2015, a technical session has been dedicated to this instrumental development. Geophysicists have discovered this new and innovate Muquand Absolute Gravimeter AQG whereas Muquans society presented the technical developments necessary to design such an instrument. The delivery of the laboratory version of the quantum gravimeter is scheduled for March 2016.