As part of the transverse axis “seismicity”, the organization committee [1] and the executive bureau announce the 1st Résif Workshop on seismic hazard on 27 and 28 September 2016 at Strasbourg (FR).

Evaluation of seismic hazard in France is based on a set of seismic, geological and geophysical data, collected and analyzed throughout the territory. To date, a big part of used data are from studies conducted in 80-90 years, and since for, data have been not or a little upgrade nationwide. Similarly, seismic hazard evaluation is based only on tectonic vision of the origin of strains in France, whereas it is now possible to explore the impact of new ideas and emerging concepts such the deformations induced by the mass transfers, gravity and their non-stationary character.

Aware of this need of interdisciplinary communication, Résif set up a transverse axis “seismicity”. In this context, the organization committee and the executive bureau of Résif announce the holding of the 1st workshop to bring together scientific communities involved in basic and applied research on issues related to seismic hazard evaluation in France.

Two main and additional topics will be approached during this workshop :

  1. quantifying the seismogenic potential associated to seismic sources. The data exploitation such as geodetic and geological strain rates ; the evaluation of flaws sliding speed ; magnitudes and depths of earthquakes associated with sources ;
  2. characterizing properties of lithosphere through e.g. mitigation of regional inelastic of seismic movement measured from the seismic data, attenuation of the intensity deducted from macroseismic observations, data gravity…

The objectif of the workshop will be identify data and the more current concepts regarding these topics. One or more synthetic materials will be drafted on the basis of exchanges, which will serve as a roadmap for updating useful data to calculate seismic hazard. Final documents will be available on seismological portal Résif.

Contributions :
Given the interdisciplinary nature of the expected exchanges, we ask for contributions both from scientific communities in seismology, geology, geodesy and seismic hazard specialist.

Workshop place :
Maison interuniversitaire des sciences de l’homme – Alsace
5, allée du Général Rouvillois – Strasbourg FRANCE
See the access map on line

Résif can help to pay travel costs if necessary, within the limits of available resources.

[1] Organization committee : Hervé JOMARD (IRSN) ; Myriam BELVAUX (BRGM) ; Matthieu FERRY (University of Montpellier) ; Frédéric MASSON (EOST) ; Christian SUE (University of Franche Comté)