Résif organizes a workshop on scientific instrumentation from July 3 from 12 noon to July 5 at 2 pm, in Brissac (34) in a pleasant setting conducive to exchanges. These meetings are open to all researchers, students and engineers interested in geophysical instrumentation.

This workshop will be an opportunity to bring together the scientific community working on measurement methods used in geophysical instrumentation. These techniques come from various fields such as optics, electromagnetism, particle physics, acoustics or signal processing, and give rise to original developments, sometimes little known in the geophysical community.

Thus, it is important to bring together the actors of this movement beyond Résif, to cross experiences and methodologies, in order to foster inter-disciplinary collaborations between geophysics, physics, material sciences laboratories, and industrialists involved in geophysical instrumentation. Discussions and exchanges will be structured around posters, oral presentations and workshops on basic and applied research results, and on the technology transfer of today’s and tomorrow’s instruments.

Download the first circular (PDF in french)

Detailed programme and workshop report

Presentation of the workshop

  • Session 1 – Geodesy, Gravimetry and Muography

– The different techniques of muography – K. Jourde – BRGM
– State of play in terrestrial gravimetry – N. Le Moigne – Géosciences Montpellier
– Muography at the CEA: technology, current projects and prospects – S. Procureur – CEA
– The MIRZA project: industrial maturation of inclinometric techniques – R. Briand – Aquitaine Electronique
– A transportable cold atom gravimeter for geophysical applications – V. Ménoret – Muquans


  • Session 2 – Electrical and electromagnetic methods

– Equipment for new geophysical approaches: spectral spontaneous polarization for pumping tests, multi-channel system for time-induced polarization, and preferential flows as seen by magneto-resistivity – A. Revil – ISTerre – Grenoble
– New developments in marine electromagnetism: scientific and industrial applications – P. Tarits – UBO Brest
– Distributed system for 3D resistivity and induced polarization measurements – FullWaver – J. Gance – IRIS Instruments
– Scalar magnetometers for Earth observation ? – J.-M. Léger – CEA/LETI Grenoble


  • Session 3 – Seismic and seismological

– Observational seismology: phenomena, time scales, instruments – P. Bernard – IPG Paris
– Rotation sensor for seismology – F. Guattari, IXblue
– MUG-OBS: a multi-parameter geophysical seabed station – Y. Hello.- Géoazur
– A high sensivity MEMS-bases accelerometer – L. Guerineau – SERCEL
– The MERMAID marine acoustic profiler – Y. Hello – Géoazur


  • Session 4 – Optical fibres and networks

– Development of microspectrometry and transfer to industry – E. Le Coarer – UGA Grenoble
– Use of optical fiber exploring and monitoring the Earth – P. Jousset – GFZ Potsdam
– A compact high precision Fabry-Perot interferometer for monitoring Earth deformation – H.C. Seat – INP-LAAS Toulouse