The action “Active faults – neotectonics in France” is one of the 3 actions initiated following the Résif workshop “Seismotectonics and Seismic Hazard of Metropolitan France” held on 14, 15 and 16 January 2019 in Montpellier. It was launched on 4 April 2019 at a first meeting in Paris (at the IPGP). Its objective, together with the two other actions launched in parallel (i.e. “deformation rates and geodetic velocities” and “numerical modelling”), is to better understand seismotectonics, active deformation processes, and seismic hazard in France.

The aim is to make a critical inventory of the available, but also missing, data concerning active faults in France, and to propose new approaches to complete this database. In fine, it will be a question of analysing to what extent these data call into question the existing models concerning the processes that control seismogenic deformations in France (i.e. plate tectonics, post-glacial rebound, stress reservoir…).

Downloadable documents (PDF in French) :

Minutes of the “Active Failures” Action Meeting
Presentation Meeting Action “Active Rifts” Meeting
Transverse action “Seismicity”
Database of potentially active faults in metropolitan France (BDFA)
Active faults and slow deformation (BRGM)