The installation of new stations is by no means the only activity of Résif teams in the field. Improved facilities and updated instruments are also necessary to ensure data quality and continuity. Example : On August 13 and 14, 2019, the Geoazur Seismological Observatory (OSU Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur, OCA) completed the renovation work on the three Résif seismological stations located on average in the Durance.

This operation concerned the MLYF (Forcalquier) and BSTF (La Bastide des Jourdans) sites.

MLYF site
The station was already equipped with a compact Nanometrics TC120PH2 wideband sensor installted on the ground in the masonry abyss and therefore exposed to thermal variations and surface noise. The completion of the new seismic well made it possible to properly install this sensor.

BSTF site
For this site the sensor for the well installation is not yet available, but all the necessary work to install the tank and close the well has been done for a quick installation when the sensor is received.

For details of the operation and photos of the works

Visit the website of the Geoazur seismological observatory.

On the site of the BSTF station, inaccessible to machinery, the sismo shaft had to be dug directly into the rock at the crowbar © D. Brunel, Geoazur. To know more about it.