A workshop day will be held at the IPGP on 4 November on the theme “Seismicity, fluids and OBS in the marine environment”.

The study of fluid-seismicity relationships requires several complementary approaches in geology, geophysics and geochemistry, involving field surveys, drilling, laboratory experiments, modelling, seismological monitoring, etc. It is on this last particular aspect that we will focus here. A prerequisite is to improve the localization of seismicity, especially for small magnitudes, in fault networks too distant from terrestrial networks for them to be effective.

The objectives of the day are : 1) to work to improve the location of earthquakes at sea ; 2) to promote underwarer instrumentation ; 3) to promote better integration of land/sea seismological communities.

The conclusions of this workshop will be presented during the Résif days in Biarritz, from 12 to 14 November 2019.

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Louis Géli (Ifremer), Pascal Bernard (IPGP), Boris Marcaillou (GeoAzur)

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