As part of Revosima, IPGP, CNRS, Ifremer, BRGM and their scientific partners are organizing a scientific day on 15 October 2019 in Paris from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm “The seismo-volcanic crisis in Mayotte in 2018-2019: a review of five months of seismo-volcanic studies and monitoring”. It will be followed at 17:30 by a public conference by scientists and ministerial officials at the Institute of Earth Physics in Paris.

The meeting will provide an overview of the state of the art of knowledge on the phenomenon, its limitations and uncertainty, its stakes and challenges, identify the main outstanding scientific questions, current results, first lines of analysis, and identify the actions to be carried out as a priority in the next few months in terms of research, monitoring and hazard assessments.

The conference and public round table are open to the public and the media by reservation. They will be filmed and broadcast on the public IPGP YouTube channel.


As part of the response to the scientific crisis response following the submarine eruption near Mayotte in 2018-2019 and the associated seismic activity, INSU-CNRS financed a TELLUS-MAYOTTE project call for tenders in 2019. Subsequently, significant resources were obtained from the State to finance 5 oceanographic observation and measurement campaigns between February and August 2019.

In order to better understand, monitor, analyse and improve the prevention of potential risks in the face of this exceptional geological phenomenon that impacts the Mahoranese population and more broadly this part of the Indian Ocean, the Mayotte Volcanological and Seismological Monitoring Network (Revosima) has been set up with State funding.

This network is operated by the IPGP with the support of BRGM Mayotte. Revosima is supported by the Piton de la Fournaise Volcanological Observatory (OVPF-IPGP), Ifremer, CNRS-INSU and BRGM. The data in this network are produced by a large consortium of publicly funded scientific partners. Revosima publishes twice a month a scientific bulletin on seismo-volcanic activity in Mayotte, distributed publicly for information, pedagogy and monitoring purposes.


Institutional organizers: CNRS, IPGP, Ifremer, BRGM, SHOM, CNES, IGN, with government funding

Organizational Committee: E. Humler (CNRS-INSU), M. Chaussidon (IPGP), J- Daniel, (Ifremer), P. Toulhoat (BRGM), N. Feuillet (IPGP), J-C Komorowski (IPGP), A. Peltier, (OVPF-IPGP), F. Tronel (BRGM, Mayotte), A. Le Friant, (IPGP), A. Lemarchand (IPGP), S. Jorry (Ifremer), Y. Fouquet (Ifremer), I. Thinon (BRGM), A. Lemoine (BRGM), J. van der Woerd (IPGS), J. Vergne (Eost)

Conference and round table « Underwater volcanic eruption in Mayotte 2018-2019 » (in French)