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This page displays the news feeds of the research infrastructures of which Résif is a partner :

  • ForM@Ter is the Solid Earth component of Data Terra (data and services hub for the Earth system). Its mission is to federate the existing centres in the service of the Solid Earth community. It relies on a portal giving access to spatial data, in-situ and experimentation of the domain.
  • EposEuropean plate observing system“, a European infrastructure to facilitate the integrated use of data, data products and facilities of distributed research infrastructures for earth sciences in Europe. Résif is France’s major contribution to Epos.
Form@Ter - Data Terra pôle Terre solide
European plate observing system - Epos


Following a modification of the Epos website, the RSS feed of the news is no longer available. While waiting for a resolution of this problem, we invite you to consult the news directly on the Epos website: https://www.epos-eu.org/communication/news