Issue No. 17 of the Resif Newsletter has been published.Vignette de la Lettre d'information Résif 17

With a content in three sections ” Résif life “, ” Research ” and ” Events “, this first issue of the year gives pride of place to the strong mobilization of the Résif community in the post-earthquake missions concerning the Teil earthquake. This issue 17 also inaugurates the implementation of the new graphic charter initiated by the modernisation of the logo last November.

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Contents :

Resif life

  • Mobilization of the community Reactive following the November earthquakes in the Drôme and Ardèche regions of France
  • Résif in pictures, pictures of Résif
  • Profile : Aurore Delahayes


  • First map of deformation rates in Metropolitan France


  • Scientific and Technical Meetings 2019
  • Planetology invites itself to the G2 2019 conference – Overview of planetary applications of geodesy and geophysics

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