This article appeared in the Lettre Résif n°17 de january 2020 (french)

Aurore Delahayes has a dual background in volcanology and archaeology and has linked the two fields through a thesis at the LPG in Nantes, France, defended in 2012, followed by a post-doc at the CRPG in Nancy in collaboration with Saint-Gobain Recherche. After a few years as an engineer in a design office, in geophysical prospecting and topography in Public Works, for clients such as Enedis, GRDF, or La Société du Grand Paris, she wanted to pass on her experience by teaching children, teenagers and student-engineers.

Today, she joined the CNRS in September 2019, as a project manager at the INSU and contributes to the piloting of projects such as Résif. As Project Manager Officer, she supports the scientists of the Résif community in their exchanges with the administrative services of the CNRS, offers support for the organization of events or meetings and participates in the administrative, contractual and financial follow-up of the infrastructure.


Aurora Delahayes on the crater of the Stromboli volcano in 2017