On Friday, October 2, 2020, storm Alex ravaged the four main valleys of the Alpes Maritimes (Roya, Tinée, Var and Vésubie). Six of the seven seismological stations of the RLBP were damaged (ENAUX, ISO, BELV, SPIF, PIAF and SAOF). Only the TURF station (at the Col du Turini in Moulinet) was spared.

Damage to the instruments resulted in an interruption of the data flow, which was immediately detected by the Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur, station operator for Résif. However, the data were not lost. Indeed, all stations have been equipped to allow the recovery of these data afterwards, either during rejuvenation works or from the design of the station.

The means of communication remain the main weak point of the stations. GSM and satellite links are resistant because they are immaterial. They were restored very quickly.
The ADSL-type wire links having been destroyed, restoring communications with the stations concerned took longer.

No on-site intervention was necessary. Indeed, thanks to the Synapse supervision system developed within the framework of Résif, it was possible to intervene remotely on the stations. The robustness of their design allowed them to resume their activity in complete autonomy as soon as energy and communication means were restored.

The last station (SAOF) was reconnected 25 days after the October 2 outage (the shortest outage was 4 days).

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Didier Brunel (Géoazur)

Winter installation of the Trillium 120PH1 sensor in the site ENAUX at Villeneuve d'Entraunes (Alpes-Maritimes)

Winter installation of the Trillium 120PH1 sensor in the site ENAUX at Villeneuve d’Entraunes (Alpes-Maritimes) © Didier Brunel, Géoazur. To know more about it.