Issue 18 of the Resif Newsletter has just been published.Lettre d'information Résif n°18, décembre 2020 : couverture

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With content in four sections: “Life of Résif”, “Research”, “Engineering” and “Events”, this second and final issue of the year looks back at key topics in the Résif themes and opens up perspectives on its development.

Contents :

Life of Résif

  • Résif takes to the sea with Marmor
  • Measurement campaigns in Mayotte: many Résif instruments mobilized


  • The Teil Earthquake: Where are we with the analysis of this unprecedented event one year later?
  • Origin of seismicity in metropolitan France
  • Distributed Acoustic Measurement (Das)
  • Deep geothermal energy in Strasbourg: a resumption of tests but also of induced seismicity


  • Last drilling campaign of the Broadband Construction Project“.
  • Alparray: three years of seismological measurements to understand the Alps
  • Yasmine: a Résif tool at the service of the international seismological community
  • Seismological instrumental platforms
  • The MiniTank, a new protective case for Rap sensors