On January 20, 2021, Résif’s Seismicity Transversal Action (ATS) organizes a day of assessment, but above all of forecasting for the years to come.

In summary, the purpose of the ATS is to coordinate work on current and past seismicity within a federating structure in order to increase the efficiency of the work carried out and to increase its visibility. This includes the production and distribution of products, based on data acquired by and around Résif, focused on the knowledge of French seismicity and associated hazard.

This day will be totally remote. It will take place in 3 steps:

From 9h30 to 10h00: welcome, presentation of the ATS and of the work carried out over the last 4 years, of the main results obtained – Join

From 10am to 12pm, workshops per axis, under the responsibility of the axis facilitators.

  • Axes 1 and 2 (seismicity bulletins and catalogs) – Join
  • Axis 3 (macro-seismicity and historical seismicity) – Join
  • Axis 4 (shakemap) – Join
  • Axis 5 (FACT: active flaws) – Join
  • Axis 6 (seismic hazard) – Join

From 2:00 pm, workshop summaries, questions and general perspectives – Join

It is of course possible to attend only part of the day.


Please indicate your participation by an email to the ATS manager : frederic.masson [at] unistra.fr

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