The Data Terra research infrastructure is organizing its 11th annual inter-cluster workshop by videoconference on December 11 and 14, 2020.

It will be dedicated to the Gaïa Data project, submitted to the call for expression of interest “Structuring equipment for research – ESR / Equipex+”. This project brings together three research infrastructures (including Data Terra) to build a distributed infrastructure of data and services for the observation, modeling and understanding of the Earth system, biodiversity and the environment.

The workshop on December 11th and 14th will allow the project partners to discuss the developments to be expected if the project is funded.

Data Terra, dedicated to Earth System observation data. Created in 2016, it is included in the MESRI 2019-2021 national roadmap. It is based on four data poles corresponding to each of the major compartments of the Earth System: continental surfaces (Theia), atmosphere (Aeris), oceans (Odatis) and solid earth (ForM@Ter), working groups and transversal services (Dinamis).

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