The 5th Scientific and Technical Reactive Meeting will take place during 4 days from Monday, November 15 to Thursday, November 18, 2020, in Alsace. This meeting will take place over a four-day format instead of the usual three days and will host conferences, workshops and activities related to the celebration of the centenary of the French Central Seismological Bureau (BCSF-Rénass). The event is open to all researchers, engineers and students.

We will progressively publish information about the event.

These Rencontres Résif are an opportunity to take stock of the scientific and technical activities that are carried out by Résif. Discussions and exchanges are structured around posters, oral presentations and workshops on the state of the art of the instrumental network, the results of fundamental and applied research based on the data of Résif, with a particular focus on the prospective and possible evolution of Résif on the medium and long term. The symposium is also intended to be a moment dedicated to joint reflection on scientific methods and approaches, promising techniques and instrumentation of today and tomorrow.