The instrumental seismicity map of metropolitan France over the period 1962-2020 takes up and completes the results of the SI-Hex project, which led in 2014 to the catalog (and the associated map) of instrumental seismicity of metropolitan France over the period 1962-2009.

After a first update integrating the period 2010-2018, the new version integrates the last two years of BCSF-RéNaSS / Résif data after conversion of ML magnitudes into Mw.

Downloaf the map (jpg)
Sismicité instrumentale de la France 1962-2020

This map shows the epicenters of naturally occurring earthquakes in the zone (metropolitan France and the Exclusive Economic Zone at Sea (EEZ), with a 20km enlargement), as well as earthquakes felt in France with EMS-98 intensity ≥ IV over the period 1962-2020 © Sophie Lambotte, Eost