Orfeus is the European Infrastructure for seismic waveform data in Epos. Eida (European Integrated Data Archive) is an initiative within Orfeus, is a distributed federation of datacenters established to securely archive seismic waveform data and metadata gathered by European research infrastructures, and provide transparent access to data for the geosciences research communities. Résif seismic portal il one of the Eida nodes that collect and archive data.

The Orpheus Eida Service Management Committee organize a webinar on “Combined usage of FDSNWS-Dataselect and EIDAWS-WFCatalog”. The webinar will occur on March 26th 2021 at 16:15 (Zürich CH / Utrecht NL time zone).It will last about one hour, including discussion.

Please register as soon as possible at: https://forms.gle/xxP6YxovXWdhjCAs5

The number of participants is limited to 200. The registration will close as soon as the maximum capacity is reached, and not later than March 22nd. The access details to join the webinar will be provided by email to the registered