The journal Seismological Research Letters (SRL) of the Seismological Society of America publishes on April 29, 2021 a special issue dedicated to seismological networks in Europe. Resif-Epos contributes to four articles in this special issue. Two are dedicated to its own seismological data distribution activities. A third one presents the Orfeus interoperable data distribution system, of which Résif is a full part. The fourth presents exploratory work on the management of large volumes of seismological data, for Résif-Epos and in close connection with the Investissement d’Avenir projects Marmor and Gaïa-Data.

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Résif-SI: a distributed information system for French seismological data

The Résif Seismological Information System manages the collection, validation, storage and distribution of data and metadata from seismological stations operated by French research institutions and their partners. Résif-SI is organized in six regional collection and validation centers that have harmonized their practices and formats based on international standards in the definition and development of which it actively participates. Within Résif-SI, the Résif-DC national data center is the single point of distribution for data and metadata. It is fully integrated in the European and international data exchange systems and is one of the twelve nodes of the European Eida archive.

The Transverse Action Seismicity of Résif-Epos

The Transverse Action Seismicity of Résif-Epos (ATS-Résif) was born from the need to organize and develop work on seismicity in metropolitan and overseas France. It federates efforts and contributes to the visibility of results. It is divided into six thematic axes, four of which are presented in an SRL article. These are axes 1 and 2 which aim to produce a multi-origin bulletin and a reference catalog of French seismicity, axis 3 which works on the collection, analysis and dissemination of historical and recent macro-seismic information, and axis 4 which aims to develop the implementation of intensity maps (shakemap) on the whole territory. These four products are also resources for the axis 6 of the ATS-Resif, related to the seismic hazard.

Le système européen de distribution des données sismologiques

The integrated European data archive Orfeus-Eida [1] provides access to seismic waveform archives collected by European agencies. Eida federates today twelve data centers (of which Résif is one of the most important). About 600 terabytes of data are available, for more than 12,000 seismological stations across Europe and the world. Eida provides seamless access through standard services that allow scientists to access the data without worrying about which center(s) the data are hosted in. Eida, which relies on an open data policy, has also implemented a federated system for access to data from temporary experiments that are temporarily embargoed.

Resif-Epos faces the challenges of large volumes of data in seismology

The increasing volume of collected data, especially with the development of new collection methods (nodes networks and DAS [2] in particular), brings to light the limits of the current capacities for permanent storage, transport and processing of seismological data. The new needs require a rethinking of many aspects of data center operations, including data management practices and computing resources.

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[1] Eida : European Integrated Data Archive de l’European plate observing system – Epos –

[2] Distributed Acoustic Sensing/Mesure acoustique distribuée : voir l’article consacré au DAS.

Seismological Research Letters - Vol. 93 n°3 - Couverture