Issue 19 of the Résif Newsletter has just been published.

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In the contents of this new issue :

Life of Résif

  • The permanent accelerometric network: 25 years of major earthquake measurements in France
  • The active faults axis of the Résif seismicity transverse action
  • Résif-Epos, a European reference: special issue of Seismological Research Letters


  • New vision of the lithospheric structure of the Alps by ambient noise tomography
  • Special issue of Comptes-Rendus Géosciences on French seismicity

Engineering & instrumentation

  • New websites, portals and digital infrastructures: Gaïa Data, future digital infrastructure for the Earth system, biodiversity and the environment; New version of the Rénass website; The European data portal Epos-GNSS
  • The Larzac observatory
Couverture de la Lettre d'information Résif n°19 - Mai 2021