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The RAP has opened its 7th call for scientific projects (APS), research and valorization, with the support of the Ministry of Ecological Transition. After evaluation, the RAP committee decided to support 3 high quality projects that meet the partnership criteria encouraged by the RAP, with immediate benefits for the network.

Selected projects :
CASIMIR – 7 k€ awarded > seismological characterization of the IMREDD site and analysis of the quality of recordings at NIMR – Coordination: Etienne Bertrand (UGE), UGE/Cerema/Géoazur partnership
LACQ – 6 k€ awarded > estimation of the deterministic seismic hazard of the Lacq region. Coordination: Mathieu Causse (ISTerre), partnership ISTerre/IRAP/GFZ
EFFTOP2 – 7 k€ awarded > evaluation of the topographic site effect: numerical modeling on RAP-Resif sites – Coordination: Nathalie Glinsky (Cerema), partnership Cerema/UGE/ISTerre/BRGM.

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