The Permanent National GNSS Network (Résif-Rénag) has three new permanent stations operational as of September 2020, all co-located with existing instruments of the Permanent Broadband Network (Résif-RLBP). These multi-instrument sites are still relatively rare and will provide quality independent observations in the coming years.

IRAF and GENF stations (Larrau, 64 and Génat, 09) complete the coverage around the Pyrenean chain. They were installed in the framework of a collaboration between GET (UMR 5563), IRAP (UMR 5277) and UAR 831. Both stations record GPS, GLONASS and Galileo observations at 20 Hz. These observations are available upon request (email to for approximately 10 days.

The BOUF station (Bougenais, 44) is the first of a series of new stations soon to be installed in Pays de la Loire in the framework of a State-Region contract supported by Osuna. Observations in rinex format (at 30 seconds or 1 second) from these stations are available for download.

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Carte du réseau Résif-Renag en septembre 2021

Map of the Renag network and the private partner network Orphéon, including the new stations operational since September 2021 © Résif-Renag

Travaux d'installation de la station Resif-Renag IRAF

When installing the IRAF station © @GET_2g

Station Resif-Renag IRAF

IRAF station in operation. The RLBP station and the GNSS antenna mast are visible © A.Santamaria.