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The December 2021 issue of the Resif Letter has just been published (in french only).

Lettre d’information Résif n°20, décembre 2021

In this issue, you will find :

Life of Résif

  • Portraits : Marianne Métois, Clément Perrin and Blandine Gardonio
  • Collection of historical seismograms of the Eost


  • Hydro-geophysical monitoring in the Jura
  • Earthquake detection/localization by Deep Learning
  • Gravity/seismology inversions
  • Special edition of Comptes-rendus Géoscience
  • Hybrid gravimetry for hydrological monitoring

Engineering and instrumentation

  • Soil-structure interactions in Lyon
  • Physalia: altimetric monitoring of the coastline


  • Scientific and technical meetings 2021
  • Earth Sciences Meeting


Vignette : Lettre d'information Résif n°20, décembre 2021