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As a risk assessment officer specialising in risks related to natural hazards, you will join the Bureau d’évaluation des risques sismiques pour la sûreté des installations (BERSSIN), which is attached to the Service de caractérisation des sites et des aléas naturels (SCAN) of the Direction Environnement du Pôle Santé et Environnement (PSE-ENV). BERSSIN’s main missions are (1) to carry out expert assessments in the field of seismic hazard evaluation for nuclear installations, (2) to conduct research in geology, geophysics and seismology in order to improve seismic hazard evaluation, (3) to contribute to the evolution of national and international regulations in the field of seismic hazard and (4) to contribute to the development of cross-disciplinary approaches to natural risks.

The position will combine the practice of expertise, the performance of studies and the conduct of research programmes. You will analyse safety dossiers for nuclear installations, engage in technical discussions with the operators of these installations and the Safety Authority, draw up opinions and report the results. You design, contribute to and/or lead R&D studies on seismic hazards. You will write summaries, reports and publications to promote the work of the Office. You will be required to supervise students (Masters, PhD students, post-doctoral students).

Workplace: Fontenay-aux-Roses

Level of training: 5 years of higher education or more

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