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Coupled inversions of parameters, or cooperative inversions, allow to integrate in the same inversion scheme two independent observables, in order to obtain coherent multi-parameter models for a same region. This has never been done at the scale of metropolitan France, even though the permanent broadband seismological network of Résif (RLBP) with its 170 current stations, the numerous terrestrial gravity measurements and the recent spatial gradiometric data1 , offer us the unique opportunity to obtain coherent lithospheric models of seismic velocity and density over the metropolitan territory. These new inversions will be carried out within the framework of the ANR FRLitho3D, whose objective is to propose crustal and lithospheric reference models.

Many challenges will have to be met, in particular to ensure the compatibility of seismological and gravity data in terms of spatial resolution, sampling and their respective sensitivity to structures.

This news is an extract of an article published in the last issue of the Résif newsletter (in french only)

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Lettre d’information Résif n°20, décembre 2021

Les 3 types de données pour contraindre un modèle pluri-paramètre à l’échelle de la France métropolitaine

The 3 types of data to constrain a multi-parameter model at the scale of metropolitan France: seismology (credits J. Vergne), terrestrial gravimetry (Gravimetric Map of France, Credits G. Martelet, BRGM, 2009) and spatial gradiometry (credits C. Cadio and C. Tiberi).