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On Saturday, March 12, 2022, a seismic crisis began southwest of Albertville in Savoie. 32 earthquakes were detected between March 12 at 15h24 and March 13 at 16h50. Among these, an earthquake of magnitude 4.2 occurred at 18:03 on March 12. It was widely felt by the population in a radius of more than 160 km, as evidenced by the 618 testimonies collected on the BCSF website.

At the Institute of Earth Sciences in Grenoble, scientists and engineers have studied the data collected by the seismological stations in the Alps to provide an initial analysis of the earthquake. The CEA, a member of Résif officially in charge of the alert in case of an earthquake exceeding a certain magnitude in France, has also gathered online maps, seismograms, mechanisms at the focus and other information available on this seismic event.

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Séisme de magnitude 4.2 du 12 mars 2022 à proximité d'Albertville (France) - Enregistrements du mouvement du sol (en accélération) produits par le séisme du 12 mars 2022 (M=4.2) à la station OGLE (RAP-RESIF). Composante Est-Ouest (haut), Nord-Sud (milieu) à, verticale (bas).

Magnitude 4.2 earthquake of March 12, 2022 near Albertville (France) – Ground motion recordings (in acceleration) produced by the March 12, 2022 earthquake (M=4.2) at the OGLE station (Résif-RAP). East-West (top), North-South (middle) to, vertical (bottom) component. Sismalp

Stations sismologiques Résif des Alpes ayant enregistré le séisme d'Albertville du 12 mars 2022

Seismological stations in the Alps having recorded the Albertville earthquake of March 12, 2022 © Sismalp