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Résif-Epos has just put online the n°21 of its Newsletter. This issue of May 2022 highlights the activities of the Seismicity Transverse Action, which is perfectly fulfilling its role as a showcase for Résif: hazard maps, Alceste project, unification of magnitudes or collaborative actions around Le Teil. After the construction phase of the observation networks, the community moves on to the valorisation of their data.


Résif Newsletter n°21, May 2022

In this issue :

Life of Résif

  • ESHM20: new seismic hazard and risk assessments in Europe
  • Alceste project: towards a new characterization of the probabilistic seismic hazard in mainland France
  • Profile: Mathilde Vergnolle, in charge of the Résif-GNSS Special Action and the EPOS GNSS data portal


  • A strategy to define unified Mw magnitudes in regions with low to moderate seismicity
  • Estimation of the geodetic deformation field in the Western Alps
  • Scientific cooperation continues after the Le Teil earthquake in 2019

Engineering and Instrumentation

  • Massive double-difference processing of GNSS data in the framework of the EPOS infrastructure
  • Effect of installation depth and coupling solutions on seismological signals


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Vignette : Lettre d'information Résif n°21, mai 2022