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The AlpArray Gravity Research Group (AAGRG), as part of the European AlpArray program (in which Résif is involved), focuses on the compilation of a homogeneous surface-based gravity data set across the Alpine area. In 2017, 10 European countries in the Alpine domain agreed to contribute with gravity data for a new compilation of the Alpine gravity field in an area spanning from 2 to 23∘ E and from 41 to 51∘ N. This compilation relies on existing national gravity databases and, for the Ligurian and the Adriatic seas, on shipborne data of the Service Hydrographique et Océanographique de la Marine and of the Bureau Gravimétrique International (BGI). Furthermore, for the Ivrea zone in the Western Alps, recently acquired data were added to the database. This first pan-Alpine gravity data map is homogeneous regarding input data sets, applied methods and all corrections, as well as reference frames.

In an article published in the journal Earth System Science Data, the AAGRG presents the data set of the recalculated gravity fields on a 4 km × 4 km grid for public release and a 2 km × 2 km grid for special request. The final products also include calculated values for mass and bathymetry corrections of the measured gravity at each grid point, as well as height. This allows users to use later customized densities for their own calculations of mass corrections. The accuracy of the newly compiled gravity database is close to ±5 mGal for most areas.

A first interpretation of the new map shows that the resolution of the gravity anomalies is suited for applications ranging from intra-crustal- to crustal-scale modeling to interdisciplinary studies on the regional and continental scales, as well as applications as joint inversion with other data sets.

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Zahorec, P., Papčo, J., Pašteka, R., Bielik, M., Bonvalot, S., Braitenberg, C., Ebbing, J., Gabriel, G., Gosar, A., Grand, A., Götze, H.-J., Hetényi, G., Holzrichter, N., Kissling, E., Marti, U., Meurers, B., Mrlina, J., Nogová, E., Pastorutti, A., Salaun, C., Scarponi, M., Sebera, J., Seoane, L., Skiba, P., Szűcs, E., and Varga, M.: The first pan-Alpine surface-gravity database, a modern compilation that crosses frontiers, Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 13, 2165–2209, https://doi.org/10.5194/essd-13-2165-2021, 2021.

New pan-Alpine Bouguer gravity anomaly map
New pan-Alpine Bouguer gravity anomaly map @ P. Zahorec et al.