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ObservaTerre, the new Resif public website, was created by scientists for the general public. It can be accessed at


This new site is a mine of information (more than 60 pages and a glossary, only in french language), photos, videos, interviews, podcasts (225 media to date) related to the seismicity of France, to seismology, to geodesy and to gravimetry.  You will discover multiple resources on seismic hazard and risk, on geosciences jobs, on techniques, instruments and applications of seismology and geodesy. There are also educational tools for teachers (in partnership with the Edumed observatory), a glossary and links to additional resources.

The website offers access by profiles for journalists, teachers, hosts of Résif seismological stations. It regroups the educational resources available until now in the “Resources” section of this website and a multitude of contents created especially for the site. Redirections are active to allow you to find your favorite contents.

An interactive map gives access to the signals recorded by all the Résif seismological stations in France (this part is not completely finalized) and a glossary allows to visualize in a popup the definition of each term underlined in the pages of the site. It is also directly accessible.

The project, initiated almost exactly one year ago during the Résif Scientific and Technical Meetings (November 15-18, 2021), is the result of the work of a team of scientists and engineers from the Résif community.


Plaquette de présentation du site web l’ObservaTerre (french)


Page d'accueil du site L'ObservaTerre - public.resif.fr

Page d’accueil du site grand public Résif public.resif.fr – Cliquez sur l’image pour rejoindre le site.

Tweet du CNRS-INSU pour annoncer la mise en ligne du site l'ObservaTerre le 23 novembre 2022