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The Le Teil earthquake of magnitude Mw 4.9 that occurred in the Rhone Valley in November 2019 is a historically unprecedented event in mainland France and raises many questions, particularly in terms of seismic hazard.

To answer these questions, a collaborative research program supported by the National Institute of Sciences of the Universe of the CNRS (project “FremTeil 2021-2023” for Faults, Ruptures and Strong Movements: What consequences for the seismic hazard in the region of Le Teil – coordinator J-F Ritz) has been launched with the support of many other partners.

The participants in the “FremTeil” project will meet on January 10 and 11 in Viviers, in Ardèche, to review the progress made so far.

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Levé d'une tranchée creusée au travers de la faille de la Rouvière (faisceau de failles des Cévennes) , le long de la section qui a cassé lors du séisme du Teil du 11-11-2019 Crédit : J-F Ritz

Field work on a trench © J-F Ritz