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The Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées has recently installed a new permanent GNSS station in the Pyrenees. The installation was possible thanks to the collaboration between GET (UMR 5563), UAR 831 and IRAP (UMR 5277). The station, identified as ADER, is located at 1740 m on a ridge near the Azet pass, in the commune of Adervielle-Pouchergues (Hautes-Pyrénées), with a clear horizon without significant obstructions.

The GNSS antenna is mounted on a stainless steel mast of 2 m height and 5 cm diameter, which is embedded in a rocky outcrop for 20 cm. The exposed part of the mast is protected by a 10 cm diameter UV resistant PVC tube. This tube is filled with low thermal conductivity polyurethane foam.

The GNSS receiver records observations of the GPS, GLONASS and Galileo constellations at 20 Hz with a local storage capacity of about one week. Observations sampled at 30 seconds are sent, archived and freely available in the National GNSS Network (RENAG) database.

The power supply of the station is provided by two 150 W solar panels and batteries with an autonomy of 7 days. The voltage of the batteries is monitored remotely and continuously.

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Permanent GNSS station ADER located on the mountain of Peyres Aubes (commune of Adervielle-Pouchergues – Hautes-Pyrénées) at 1740 m altitude © H. Pauchet – To know more about it : hal-03930687