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The ObservaTerre website, deployed in November 2022 to disseminate the science behind Résif’s activities, has until now been accessible at public.resif.fr, as part of Résif’s bouquet of websites (www.resif.fr, but also sismob.resif.fr, gpsmob.resif.fr, gravimetrie.resif.fr, etc.). Since its publication, the site has received an average of over 50 unique visitors per day, who consult more than 100 pages.

To ensure greater visibility for this website, which is aimed at a very wide audience, we have given it an address that matches with its name:




The old url will remain valid and will be redirected to the new address for a few months. However, we advise you to update your links and bookmarks now to ensure continued access to the site.

Please note: the transfer caused a problem in accessing station data for the map used to monitor seismicity in France. This problem is currently being resolved. Thank you for your patience.

Please do not hesitate to send us your opinions and suggestions concerning the site via the contact form.

To find out more

Visit the ObservaTerre website (only french version)



Page d'accueil du site L'ObservaTerre - public.resif.fr