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The Résif-Epos agreement expired on October 6, 2023. It was followed by the consortium agreement for the new Epos-France Research Infrastructure. Signed by the 19 partners for a renewable 4-year period, it defines the infrastructure, formalizes its organization and operation, the resources deployed by the partners and the destination of results. The new IR involves all partners and participants in Résif-Epos, and is in line with the latter’s missions, but with a significant thematic expansion and a consolidated European dimension.

In concrete terms, the new agreement is being implemented following the infrastructure’s first Steering Committee meeting, held in Paris on October 26, which brought together all the representatives of the signatory organizations.

The Steering Committee decides on scientific and strategic orientations, the implementation of Transversal Actions, issues directives on the coordination of Specific Actions and oversees the coherence between EPOS and Epos-France activities. It approves the annual program of activities and is involved in the allocation of the IR budget, and also has a role in setting up IR bodies and appointing their leaders.

In the latter context, the October 26 Board meeting saw the official appointment of a number of officers:
– Eric Beucler was re-elected Chairman of the Board;
– Andrea Walpersdorf is reappointed as IR Director, until the end of the mandate she began as part of Résif (2025);
– Karin Sigloch is appointed head of the Transverse Action, coordinating French participation in EPOS;
– Véronique Bertrand has been reappointed to head the Communication and Promotion transverse action.

All Epos-France websites will soon be transferred to the epos-france.fr domain. A new website will replace this one.

Logo Epos-France format jpg
Schéma de déploiement de l'Infrastructure de recherche Epos-France à l'occasion de son lancement le 8 novembre 2023