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Each year Résif collects 13.7 TB of data and disseminates 105 TB of data while 30 million queries have been made regarding the data sent from 2000 different IP addresses (August 2019 figures).

These data are distributed via the Résif information system’s various portals and ftp servers. Products and software are also developed and made available to the community following an open science policy.

This section provides an overview of these resources and the means to access and use them.

In this section :

Data Distribution Policy

Seismological data


Gravimetric data

Résif product repository: This repository hosts research products based on Résif data. Here you will find a brief description of the product and a set of descriptive metadata, as well as the corresponding datasets in the form of a downloadable zip file.

Other products: Here various Résif products are listed which are not available yet in the repository and links to more information.

Software and tools: This page presents some software and tools developed by the Résif community for research infrastructure needs.