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Seismological data

Seismological data are records of ground motion expressed in velocity (velocimetric stations) or acceleration (accelerometer stations). The recordings are taken from both permanent stations for long-term seismicity monitoring and from temporary stations deployed during campaigns to study a particular area more precisely.

Since 2017 as part of the specific SisMob action, Résif has also acquired a park of “node” type seismometers allowing dense sensor deployments over short periods of time.

The Résif data portal distributes waveforms in the standard miniSeed exchange format via web services or rsync protocols for large volumes of data. The metadata of the Résif stations are available in StationXML format.

The data portal allows to explore the catalogue of data and metadata made available by the Résif seismological data centre. The format of the data and metadata as well as the access interfaces comply with the international standards established by the Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks (FDSN).

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  • DOI for seismological data: 10.17616/R37Q06
  • The DOIs of the networks are available on the data portal