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Partner contributions

Résif’s partners contribute to the construction and operation of the consortium via their own financing.  Their contribution in terms of salaries amounts to €1.6M per year for CNRS personnel and €1.9M per year for non-CNRS personnel. Sharing resources and data between partners within the infrastructure helps optimize resources. In addition, this collaborative federation makes it possible to obtain additional funding.

Ministry of Higher Education and Research

Résif has been certified as a System of Long Term Observation and Experimentation For Environmental Research (SOERE in French) since 2010. SOERE credits are allocated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research following proposals made by the National Alliance for Environmental Research (AllEnvi). AllEnvi federates public research forces to plan, schedule and coordinate French environmental scientific strategy.


Ministry of Ecological Transition

The Ministry of Ecological Transition helped finance the construction of the data archiving and distribution system of the Permanent Accelerometric Network and the construction of the Permanent Broadband Network. It is currently funding maintenance of the ‘Rap’ network, data and knowledge dissemination and transfer projects and finally the activities of the Transversal Action on Seismicity.

Ministère de la Transition écologique

French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)

Résif’s ongoing projects receive CNRS funding in the framework of the Very Large-Scale Research Racilities and Infrastructure (TGIR) programme.

The Government’s  Investments for the Future programme – EquipEx Résif-Core

RESIF was awarded funding in the second wave of EquipEx calls for proposals in December 2011 under the name Résif-Core. The financial support, provided through the Investments for the Future Programme managed by the French National Agency for Research (ANR), amounts to €9.3M over 9 years (10 for operational support). This funding meets approximately 50% of the costs related to the construction and installation of instruments required by RESIF. In addition to personnel, Résif-Core’s partners contribute to logistical support (premises, cars, etc.).

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