The installation, operation and maintenance of instruments are carried out by the personnel of the observatories of the sciences of the Universe involved in Résif  through specific actions


Instrument networks which respond to scientific challenges


The scientific challenges posed by the exploitation of resources and the development of sustainable and competitive human activities require high-performance instruments to measure and observe the Earth, its movements, its wealth of  resources and its natural hazards.

Résif thus combines a very high density of measurement and a very high temporal resolution. This paves the way for new perspectives on the observation and knowledge of how the Earth functions, notably through studies of:

  • ground deformation over periods of time ranging from microseconds to ten years;
  • seismicity at both global and local scales;
  • the Earth’s surface and deep structures.

 All of these studies will enable scientists to more accurately estimate natural, and particularly seismic hazards on French territory.


Three families of instruments

Résif is thus made up of 3 families of instruments spread throughout mainland France and managed by specific action projects. (Please note that targeted actions concerning French overseas territories are carried out within the framework of the permanent accelerometric network Résif-Rap). 
Each of these three families is divided into a permanent and a mobile component. The “mobile” instruments are made available to researchers from the Earth Sciences community if no permanent observatories are available or as a complement to permanent observatories which enable researchers to densify spatial sampling. They are used for experiments of a limited duration (from a few days to a few years) aimed at collecting  seismological, geodetic and gravimetric data.

Some figures: (August 2019)

  • Permanent instrumentation: 842 Résif stations and 407 associated stations.
  • Mobile instrumentation: 277 stations deployed on 4957 sites since the launch of Résif.

Research and development

  • Muquans, the first quantum gravimeter…
  • The Muquans, pressure and temperature isolating device for seismic sensors
  • Resif’s broadband seismological station control cabinet

Specific actions in seismology

Specific actions in GNSS

Specific actions in gravimetry

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