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Interactive map of permanent networks distributed by Résif

In addition to the permanent networks constituting the core of the Résif observation antenna (RLBP, RAP, Rénag, permanent gravimeters), you will find on this map the permanent networks whose data are distributed by the Résif information system. The map is updated monthly (the 15th of the month).

By default, the seismological networks are displayed, but you can choose the network(s) to be displayed in the hamburger menu at the top right of each map. For some networks, precise information is available for each station (like the station code, the operator, the location). You can view them by clicking on the station icon.

Station sismologiqueSeismological stations

Station GNSSGnss stations

Station gravimétriqueGravimetric stations

Details :

  • Geoscope is a worldwide network, ND is located in New Caledonia and CL in the Gulf of Corinth in Greece. To view these networks, change the scale of the metropolitan map.
  • Data from all networks are open, except for GNSS data from the Geodata/Orpheon network which are conditionally accessible for scientific applications. Learn more about this service

Mainland France and world


Sébastien Benahmed, OMP


Reunion and Mayotte