Interactive map of the Permanent Instrument Networks

For several years, Résif has been building a high-tech observation network composed of seismological, geodetic and gravimetric instruments spread out densely and homogeneously throughout France and its overseas territories. Here is the map of these instruments which enables visualization of the different instrumental networks. By default, the seismological networks are displayed but you can choose a different display mode in the menu at the top left of each map.

Station sismologiqueSeismological stations ;

Station GNSSGnss stations ;

Station gravimétriqueGravimetric stations.

Choose the network(s) to be displayed in the menu at the top right of each map. For some networks, precise information is available for each station (such as station code, operator or location). You can view them by clicking on the station icon.

Mainland France

Details :

  •  a station located in French Guiana does not appear on the map ;
  •  the stations of the worldwide Géoscope network (network code G) located on French territory transmit their data to Résif. Other Géoscope stations located abroad are not part of Résif even if they appear on the map.
  • GNSS data from the Geodata/Orpheon network are conditionally accessible for scientific applications. Contact the Renag and Renag data center managers for more information.


Sébastien Benahmed, OMP


Reunion and Mayotte