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Scientific publications and thesis

The scientific publications since 2009 listed here in text (pdf) and spreadsheet (excel) formats refer to the use of Resif resources. In addition to journal articles, it includes documents such as theses, maps, books and book chapters, and conference papers.  It runs from 2009 to August 16, 2021 and includes 1152 references.

Warning: Many publications do not directly or clearly mention the origin of the data used (especially when these data come from aggregated databases). It is therefore impossible to establish an exhaustive list of publications based on Resif resources. However, the following list provides an overview of the wide range of scientific research made possible by Résif.

You will find some of these publications on the Hal-Résif open archive.


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Evolution publications Resif 2009-2020

Evolution of Résif publications from 2009 to 2020, all types combined (non-exhaustive list)

Evolution publications articles et communication Résif 2009-2020

Scientific articles and communications based on Resif data or related to Resif from 2009 to 2020 (non-exhaustive list).

Graphique identifiant les journaux qui ont publié plus de 5 articles Résif depuis 2009 (Chiffres au 16 août 2021)

Journals that have published more than 5 Resif articles since 2009 (Figures as of August 16, 2021)