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This list of publications includes 1407 references listed in alphabetical order of first authors and covers the period from 2009 to March 31, 2023. In addition to journal articles, it includes documents such as thesis, maps, books and book chapters, and conference papers.

Warning : Many publications do not directly or clearly mention the origin of the data used (especially when these data come from aggregated databases). It is therefore impossible to draw up an exhaustive list of publications based on Resif resources. However, the following list provides an overview of the wide range of scientific research made possible by Resif.

You will find some of these publications on the Hal-Résif open archive.

The national database theses.fr lists all doctoral theses defended in France since 1985, including some of the theses in progress or defended in the framework of Résif.


Publications Résif - graphique annuel depuis 2009

Number of Résif publications published since 2009 (data not exhaustive, especially for 2022)

Publications Résif - Journaux ayant publié plus de 20 articles depuis 2009

Journals with more than 20 Resif articles published since 2009.