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RESIF represents a major French contribution to the EPOS (European Plate Observing System) research infrastructure. EPOS is a European infrastructure project aimed at the observation and understanding of the solid Earth dynamics. The EPOS project was included in December 2008 in the white paper for ESFRI (European strategic forum on research infrastructures). The coordination of EPOS in France are ensured by an EPOS-France board in which the various disciplinary working groups are represented.

Roles of the EPOS-France board

- To represent the French community in the work groups, based in particular on the orientations defined in the CNRS (INSU) perspectives set out with partner organisations,
- To ensure that the relevant French community for each speciality is informed of the EPOS project,
- To advance the reflection on the preparation of national structures in terms of how they can contribute to EPOS and the conditions for their participation.

Organizations and units involved in France

Thematic Services (TCS) and integrated Organizations and units involved
Seismology OSUG (Grenoble), IPGP (Paris), EMSC-CSEM (Arpajon)
Fault observatories IPGP (Paris), EOST (Strasbourg), ENS (Paris)
Geodetic data and products OSUG (Grenoble), OCA (Nice)
Volcanolo observations OPGC (Clermont-Ferrand), IPGP (Paris)
Satellite data CNES (Paris), IPGP (Paris), OSUG (Grenoble)
Geomagnetic observations EOST (Strasbourg)
Anthropogenic hazards EOST / CDGP (Strasbourg), INERIS (Nancy), ISTerre (Grenoble).
Geological information and modelling BRGM (Orléans)
Multi-scale laboratories TECMOD-F (national network of analog modeling laboratories) - Coordination: Géosciences (Montpellier)

Network of paleomagnetism laboratories - Coordination: CEREGE (Aix-en-Provence)

Network of rock physics labs - Coordination: EOST (Strasbourg)

Integrated services BRGM (Orléans)